lya Ship Agency Ltd. serving to ship and cargo owners in all Turkish ports and straits with their well-educated and experienced staff with the mentality of “The Best Tailor Made Service” as 365 days 24 hours.

The ship agency services has been started in 2003 at Izmir head office under Ilya Shipping Ltd. which has continued with Marmara branch Office that was opened in 2010 in Izmit and with the new internal re-structuring period by beginning of 2016 a new group company Ilya Ship Agency Ltd. has been established with getting ship agency services to its center.

Our group company Ilya Ship Agency Ltd. It offers services in the following areas

Port Agency Services (In All Turkish Ports)

Transit Strait Agency Services (Istanbul-Bosphorus and Canakkale-Dardanelles Straits)

Protective Agency Services (In All Turkish Ports and Straits)

Shipyards/Dry-docking Agency Services

Transit Cargo Handling Services

Port Inland Cargo Handling Services (Heavy Transport/Crane)

Crew Change Services

Bunker Supply Assistance Services

Cash To Master/Ship Delivery Services

Transit / Local Ship Spare Parts Delivery / Supply Services

Under-Water Control/Diving Services

Lashing & Securing / Technical Materials Supply Services

Loading / Pre-Loading and Other Survey Services